Topographic and geodetic works

Staff of “Galician Land Agency” highly qualified engineers, geodesists and topographers. Their competence and professionalism confirmed by appropriate certificates. Experience our employees with domestic customers can solve problems of any technical complexity in a timely manner and with a fixed budget.


Measurement of land and restoring limits. Drafting cadastral plan makes the nature boundaries of land plots.


Topographic and geodetic works provided by our agency include:

Setting the boundaries of the land on the ground

  • Setting the boundaries of the land on the ground is performed by topographic and geodetic and cartographic materials on the basis of technical documentation on land management, which is determined by the location of the turning points of boundaries of land on the ground.
  • Documentation of Land Management to establish the boundaries of residential and public buildings developed as part of the master plan of the settlement project distribution areas and are the basis for the establishment of land boundaries in nature (on ground).
  • The boundaries of the land on the ground fixed boundary markers appropriate form. If the boundaries of land on the ground coincide with natural and artificial line structures and boundaries (rivers, streams, canals, forest belts, roads, road structures, fences, building facades and other line structures and boundaries), boundary stones may not installed.
  • Land owners and land users, including tenants must follow the boundaries of land defined (fixed) in situ (on site) boundary markers set form. Boundary markers transmitted by an act of depositing landowners and land users, including tenants.

Topographical surveys scale 1: 500 – 1: 5000 and their recovery

Topographic includes:

  • reconnaissance or prospecting in the area (inspection area of work of the existing of strong points state geodetic network in Ukraine;
  • imaging network design (choosing and securing the terrain points imaging network);
  • imaging network linking the state geodetic network Ukraine;
  • performance linear measurements of angular elements of terrain points imaging network;
  • processing the results of field observations;
  • creating topographic plan given scale.

Cadastral surveying

This set of works carried out to identify and restoration boundaries of land plots. Cadastral survey include:

  • geodetic establishment boundaries of land plots;
  • coordination boundaries of land plots with adjacent owners and land users;
  • restoration boundaries of land plots on the ground;
  • setting boundaries of land that have restrictions and encumbrances on land use;
  • making the cadastral map.