Legal services in land economy

Land law  a special area that requires some legal knowledge and competent execution of any operation with this type of property. Lawyers working in “Galician Land Agency” has extensive experience in the field of land law.

Among the many services offered by our agency in this area of practice, the following:

  • Probate.
  • Legal aid for registration rights to land, other real estate.
  • Prepare and support the implementation of agreements providing for transfer of ownership of immovable property (sale, exchange, donation,permanent alimony, etc.).
  • Advising in land use, order change of use of land, buy land for public purposes and / or in connection with public necessity.
  • Prepare and support the implementation of investment agreements, cooperation agreements, for which the real property or property rights to it.
  • Consultancy in the field of leasing relations, training and support in making long term leases (including property under state and municipal property), legal assistance in obtaining lease integral property complexes.
  • Legal support to resolve disputes on property (including land) before the courts, government agencies and government.
  • Legal support for the purchase of land ownership, including by purchase, by auction or tender.
  • Legal audit of land to be allocated, check and other documents of title to land, Assessing the potential acquisition of agricultural land, forest fund and other areas for which the law established a special procedure for their exclusion.

For more information and negotiate the terms of cooperation in providing you with legal services on land issues and disputes you may call the following number: +38 (098) 724-78-16.