Land management projects

Today in Ukraine is impossible to buy, sell land, build on it property or business if the land is not executed and not entered in the land register, why, in its turn preceded land surveying and geodetic work.
Land audit, execution of leases or repurchase and reissuing land. Prepare documentation.

Land management is particularly in the design, drafting, approving land documents (land management projects on land allocation, technical documentation to establish the boundaries of land in kind (on the ground), etc.), the transfer of information on the area, carrying out various kinds of surveys (surveying, mapping, soil and others).

Given the financial risks that exist in the case of poor land management and surveying works of the past in a professional manner must be a priority for subjects who are planning to become landowners or land users.

Our experts perform a wide range of land management projects, including:

Development (manufacturing) technical documentation for drawing up documents certifying:

  • ownership of land;
  • the permanent use of land;
  • leasehold land;
  • re-registration of title to land;
  • the right to land in the separation or unification of land;
  • attribution cadastral number plot.

Development (manufacturing) land management projects:

  •  for allotment of land ownership or lease;
  • on change of use of land;
  • to change (expand) the boundaries of settlements.

Other land surveying work:

  • setting area boundaries of administrative units;
  • charting land;
  • development of technical standards for land management, soil and other surveys to obtain land cadastre information;
  • assembling land cadastre documentation;
  • of plans of land and business organization of settlements;
  • update cadastre plans and surveys of previous years;
  • the inventory of all categories.