According to the Law of Ukraine “On aquaculture” aquaculture and fish farming equated. In aquaculture refers to agricultural activities from artificial breeding, keeping and growing aquaculture facilities in whole or in part controlled conditions to produce agricultural products (aquaculture products) and its implementation, feed production, reproduction Life, driving the selection and breeding, introduction, migration, acclimatization and re-acclimatization of aquatic organisms, replenishment of water biological resources, preservation of biodiversity, and providing recreational services.

Activities of artificial breeding, keeping and growing aquaculture facilities. Providing recreational services.

The limits provided for use of fishery water body defined by coordinates designated area. The diversion of land and water fund under water (water space) and establish its boundaries in nature (on ground) is not true.

Lease is made by the body that administers the land under water (water space). Together with the transfer of the reservoir may be available for use waterworks. Check out the lease may only passport reservoir fisheries technology and / or technical project reservoir fisheries technology.

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