Agroconsulting  a relatively new trend specific consulting activities in Ukraine, was the result of a significant complication management, environmental, economic, technological and marketing problems on modern farms. This causes uncertainty managers and their potential investors in selecting the ongoing development and makes seek qualified help.

We provide full range of construction agribusiness, working out production technology, training and staff development.

“Galician Land Agency” provides a wide range of agroconsulting services, including:

  • Proposals for the introduction of intensive technologies of growing crops that would ensure obtaining stable yields without compromising with the potential fertility of soil.
  • Consultations, to increase the areas under competitive region-specific crops.
  • Proposals of leasing to update tractor fleet highly effective technique.
  • Preparation of analytical reviews, research.
  • Development and execution of documents related to land relations.
  • Oral and written advice.
  • Consultations on the land tax, rent.
  • Advice on tax contracts.

For more information about services agroconsulting please call +38 (098) 724-78-16.