Comprehensive services for agricultural enterprises

Integrated services for land assets of agricultural enterprises – is the most effective method of use of all the advantages of outsourcing. Today, in a highly competitive and intensive development of the agricultural market, to a successful business is becoming more difficult. Companies successful yesterday, today, losing to competitors who actively use the most modern systems of business processes and promote their products and services.


Help finding, selling and renting land. Maintenance of all land transactions. Analytical surveys and reports.


So when deciding on its complex service organization, you provide continuity in the development of the whole of your business.


The list of services in complex service land assets

  •  Search agricultural land for the customer.
  • Help Sales farms (land), search for potential investors.
  • Preparation of presentations and promotional materials to potential investors.
  • Renegotiation of leases of land shares (shares), obtaining supporting documentation.
  • Support the registration of leases of land shares (shares) in government offices.
  • Preparation of cartographic information on the fertility of soils, topographic materials, sharing seven more.
  • Preparation of analytical surveys, studies, reports.
  • Support of operations on agricultural lands.


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